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Safe Schools Plan

Each of our schools has locked doors at all of the entrances. Our clerks have been instructed to communicate with all visitors via the intercom system prior to allowing them into the building.
There are cameras at the entrances so visitors can be viewed prior to entering the building. We are in the process of setting up a system with the Johnston Police so that our cameras can also be monitored by their 24 hour surveillance. Police resource officers make checks of our school at random times throughout the day and can be called to assist at our school at any time.
Panic buttons have been installed at each of the main offices and we are in the process of researching the use of mobile panic buttons that allow immediate access to emergency responders. Each school practices lock down procedures at least twice a year. All teachers have been instructed to keep their classroom doors locked at all times so no one can enter the room from the corridors.
Our elementary school yard gates have been secured to guard against any intruder.
The Johnston School Committee, the administration and staff are committed to keeping our school community safe. Mayor Polisena and the Johnston Police Department have pledged their support to keep our schools safe as well. We will continually evaluate and monitor our safety precautions and update them as necessary.